You are finally eligible for Medicare!  Now what!

Original Medicare covers many medical expenses, but as most people know, it does not cover everything.  So, you may have questions:

  1. What does Medicare cover?
  2. Should I buy a Medicare supplement?
  3. Is an Advantage plan a better choice for me?
  4. What if I need Prescription coverage?
  5. If I don’t buy now – can I enroll in a Medicare plan later?
  6. What happens if I work past 65 – do I have to enroll in Medicare anyway?

Would you not prefer to spend your valuable time with activities you actually enjoy? Rather than becoming a Medicare expert before you find the correct answer for your specific situation, we suggest you work with an experienced agent who can guide you…

I specialize in low key, no pressure appointments that are designed to educate the client about their options.  Medicare products aren’t confusing when explained properly.  Let me explain them to you.